The sale starts with the online listing!

By WellcomeMat EDU
March 15, 2009

This concept is way ahead of where Realtors are today.  I've been reading through posts of videographers that are trying to get these Realtors to understand the value of their service.  There is a knowledge gap, between Realtors and the Internet.  They know that they have to list online, but they don't know how to do it effectively.  Yes, they see "enhanced listing service providers" as another person trying to get into their wallet, however  your business will "blow up", once you have bridged that gap.  This is where I can help others in providing the knowledge to bridge the gap.  Video tours or virtual tours done correctly are a sales tool for Realtors.  You can tell a Realtor that, and you'll probably get a blank stare.  I've done the exact same thing that Realtors should be doing with the Internet.  I explain it from their perspective as a sales person the how/why they should be doing their online listings.  Yes, I am a virtual tour provider, however it doesn't matter to me what they use for their online listings.  My focus is on providing them with the knowledge to make an informed decision.  Once they have the knowledge, they then can decide what works best for them.

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