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http://www.AboveTheCloudsVT.com - Above the Clouds' - so named because on some mornings, it is actually. above the clouds. This 4 bedroom, 9 bath,15 acre site is beyond breathtaking and overlooks the Green Mountains of Vermont. Perched high above Stowe, Vermont, this enduring and dramatic estate was created with a a commitment to using local and natural materials wherever possible, imparting a sense of durability and a unique beauty. The beauty of the natural rock formations and the stunning mountain views which rise from the valley below celebrate an art form no man could create.

The winding driveway is carved into the enormous rock ledge canyon. The sites dramatic rock ledges helped to inspire architectural designer G.A. McDermott of Stowe, who, in combination with the owners, designed this one-of-a-kind classic that celebrates the joy of living amongst the richness and beauty of Vermont's natural environment. The exterior quality is evidenced by the exclusive use of white marble from Danby, Vermont ), and known for its tight grain and beautiful white appearance with light veining. It was formed when the calcium created from shells & bones from prehistoric life forms combined with carbon dioxide from water. The result is 300 million year old calcium carbonate, which is the fundamental mineral composition of marble. This is the same marble used in the construction of the White House in Washington, DC.

The Mediterranean style roof tiles are actually 80 years old, and have been recycled from a hospital on Staten Island, NY, and installed with a 30 year performance guarantee.

Enter this more than 18,000 square foot home through hand carved wood doors into the foyer, flooded by natural sunlight, bringing the outside into every day living.

which opens into a dining gallery with marble floors and a cathedral skylight. The quiet elegance is evident.
Light pours in from all directions, creating the illusion of being aloft. Concentrating on anything but the vista is difficult.

The three-level residence totals 18,000 square feet of quiet elegance with the main living area, comprised of the kitchen, dining hall and great room being flanked by two wings.

The main foyer, floors and walls are crafted from polished sandstone. Between the east and west wings sits the dining room and the great room a sunken affair shaped like the steinway grand piano that graces one corner.

The commitment to natural materials throughout the interior combine wit