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http://www.SandpiperRealty.com - When you know Katama, you know to miss its signature road and instead go right fork, to be quietly delivered to the boisterous shores of famed South Beach. Youd never think that with the ocean so close, one could notice any other competing beautyuntil you find yourself making the passage down Herring Creek Road beside a uniquely fruitful plain. This vast fertile plateau affords the most peaceful view relished by Island Natives patient enough to stop, and smell the grasses. For shelter along this katama road less travelled, circle the wagons at 10 Plains Head. Theres no need to go further, youve found the heart of Katama. Find yourself at the heart of this home, ripe with the fruit of the season, for generations of your family to pick and savor every summer to come. And when reality steps in and pulls you in those other directions that lead away from the island - fret not, with a rental history as solid as Plains Head, you could come one weekend a year s