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Real Estate Agent Video Pro

It's About You

You show your personality, explain your strengths, and make an impression. You get our expertise.

What Agent Video Pro does

* Produces a professional video that combines the power of you and the strength of the Web.
* Helps you make a lasting first impression and differentiate your services from the competition.
* Makes it easy for your video to be placed onto your website or webpage.
* Guides you through the entire process leveraging the experience of the Agent Video Pro team.

Lights, camera, and

Our crew can film your Agent Profile video, as well as your Home Showcase introduction. We also encourage you to invite a couple of clients to provide their feedback on your service.

Each 30-minute session is guided by our director, who will help you deliver the most compelling video for your prospects and customers. During your session, your AVP director will provide the coaching so you can deliver your very best and most sincere introduction to you, the services you provide and the experience you bring to each of your clients.

The best Agent Video Pro streaming online videos are shorter than two minutes. In post production, we will produce effective motion graphics that complement your presence and presentation. The Agent Video Pro Player is a branded, professional marketing tool which will provide a great enhancement to your website.

Each Agent Video Pro production requires a minimum of eight (8) agents per location committed to the Agent Video Pro module.

We can introduce Agent Video Pro with a short presentation (10-15 minutes) explaining the Agent Video Pro service in your next staff meeting. We will answer any questions and help facilitate the process.

Please call us at 214-382-2661, or complete the Get Started form to schedule your presentation.