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"Video is definitely taking over in the real estate industry."
John Passerini
VP of Interactive Marketing
Sotheby's International Realty

Real estate marketing is now video. Homeowners are demanding that video be used to sell or rent their properties and consumers are viewing more and more videos during their search for new places to live and work. Video wins more listings, generates more leads & drives greater consumer engagement than any other form of content. Everything we do is laser-focused on building real estate professionals' businesses through video, something no unfocused platform can do. Do you want to win more listings? Are you a broker that wants to attract & retain top producing agents? Keep reading…

Total Brand Control

Statistically, less than half of one percent (.5%) of viewers will click into your site from a free video hosting platform. Worse, the social reach that you do gain via free systems builds traffic, audience and engagement for platforms that are not real estate focused.

WellcomeMat enables you to grow your consumer reach while positioning your website or mobile apps to benefit the most from your videos. Automatically distribute your videos to your social media channels with one click. Our sharing functionality then let’s your consumers share on their own networks, email the video, or embed the video player directly into another website. Growing your reach, while maintaining an inbound traffic strategy has never been easier.

Custom, Mobile-Optimized Viewing Experience

One of the best ways to drive viewership and engagement on your site is to have all your videos organized and searchable on the same page. With very little effort, you can embed your WellcomeMat video channel seamlessly into your site, customized to your brand standards. Create playlists by community, property type, agent bios or market reports. You’ll have full control of your video organization. And our embeddable video player, playlists and searchable video channels are built to adjust to any screen size. Regardless if your website visitors are watching the video on their laptop or smartphone, they’ll find videos optimized perfectly for their favorite devices.

MLS Compliance

For every residential or commercial real estate video uploaded, WellcomeMat supplies an unbranded tour link. We additionally save you time and money by making it possible to upload branded video tours and remove the portions of your content most likely to get you fined by your MLS. The WellcomeMat “unbrander” allows you to edit and export only one video tour per property, a time and money saver for both you and your filmmaker.

Video Analytics

A full analytics suite gives you information on your top trending videos, traffic sources & engagement metrics. Gain valuable insight into what types of videos resonate best with your consumers and see for yourself: WellcomeMat is pushing your traffic, engagement and leads more than any free platform can provide.

Live Support & Online Tutorials

Online videos accessible through your account will guide you through all the ways to maximize the WellcomeMat platform.

Still have some questions? Our WellcomeMat Help Center should be able to answer most of your questions, and we’re always only a phone call away to lend a hand. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our partners’ success with real estate video.

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