API Documentation: My Playlists

  • These are the playlists associated with your account. The id can be used in the query action to pull all videos for a given playlist, or to preload a playlist (tab) in a channel, i.e. ?playlist_id= to preload .

  • To use a hero player that will continually play a single playlist without volume or controls, simply use the parameter hero=1 at the end of a playlist URL, i.e. https://www.wellcomemat.com/e/playlist/?hero=1 to use a hero version of .

  • For many reasons, including concerns about data limits/usage, we provide embed code to help you to embed hero playlists. Click here for more information.

  • NOTE: Only manual playlists are supported in the query action at this point.

This is only available to logged in users. If you are a developer that doesn't have access to the account, please contact us.