What analytics data is available about my videos?

Free platforms don't stand a chance against smart video publishers like you! Here at WellcomeMat we pride ourselves in gaining more views than any other platform through our real estate focus. The WellcomeMat analytics suite helps you to know that your video content is (or is not) working for you.

WellcomeMat analytics offer comprehensive data organized by date range. This tool is particularly useful to gauge the effects of strategy changes you’ve employed and the overall success of your video content.

WellcomeMat helps you stay informed with detailed information about how many times your content was viewed, where it was viewed, from what devices, which of your videos is watched most frequently, video retention information, as well as granular analytics at an individual video level.

The Video Views line graph shows how many views all of your videos received total on a specific date. This tool helps to show if your overall strategy is working. If this graph increases over time you know that your content and distribution strategy is effective, but it is important to note that real estate is cyclical -- in other words, consumers are more/less active in different times of the year.

The traffic sources pie chart shows where your viewers are finding and watching your videos. WellcomeMat is a distribution platform that focuses on driving total number of views up and this tool shows which sources are generating the most views best results for you. Traffic sources even pulls data from WellcomeMat videos you posted to YouTube. With this tool you can also easily link out to pages that have embedded your video.

The device breakdown histogram helps you to understand your potential viewers more fully and develop the most effective strategy. For example, knowing how many viewers use smart phones to view your content helps you to understand how important mobile viewership should be to your strategy. Last year 37% percent of all videos online were viewed from a mobile device.

The video popularity histogram is a great graph that shows you which of your videos is receiving the most views. This can help you pinpoint the most effective content strategies for duplication.

You can also view analytics for specific videos on a more granular level. The Video Views, Traffic Sources and Device Breakdown graphs can also be utilized for each specific video.

Additionally, on the individual video section you can analyze Viewer retention. Or how long a viewer watches a video before clicking away. All of these graphs will be sloping down to the right. The goal is to retain viewers for as long as possible. This measures whether your viewers are engaged throughout the entire video.

Creating great content retains viewers. It is good idea to be thorough but brief. For longer videos consider using our video chaptering tool as a way to engage viewers for longer.

By knowing exactly how your videos are performing, you can change your strategies to continuously improve view counts, engagement and lead generation through WellcomeMat's platform.




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