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Does WellcomeMat work with 3rd party developers to embed video?

I want to promote my videos. Where can I distribute them?

How do I embed my videos on Wordpress?

How do I embed my videos into email?

What mobile platforms does WellcomeMat support?

How do I link to or embed MLS-compliant versions of my videos?

Can I distribute my listings to Craigslist through WellcomeMat?

How do I download my original video file?

How do I embed my videos on another site?

Can you upload a public video without having to fill in property info, etc. so filmmakers can upload them to MLS?

Can I download my analytics or send users a report of my video analytics?

How can I change how my video appears on social networks?

I manage multiple YouTube accounts. How do I connect the correct YouTube account for distribution?

Why isn't the Share button showing up in my player?

Can videos distributed to YouTube be replaced from WellcomeMat?

How come when my video is shared to certain social sites, it links to WellcomeMat.com and not my domain?

I am receiving an error when trying to connect my YouTube account. Or, I have connected my account but videos still aren't distributing.

I am receiving 404 error message when opening the shareable link from my videos.

How do I programmatically embed a hero video without using the WellcomeMat player?

Can my WellcomeMat thumbnail be matched on YouTube?

Video + thumbnail distribution to YouTube

I have a WordPress site on my own domain, but my channel isn't displaying correctly. How can I fix the height?

How do I embed my channel on my site?

What is dynamic height and how can I add it to my channel?

What analytics data is available about my videos?

How can I add a homepage hero carousel to my site?

Can you embed the WellcomeMat channel without jquery?

Video Distribution Guidelines




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