How do I embed my channel on my site?

Embedding your WellcomeMat channel into your site is the fastest way to establish a video search experience of your entire organized video library for your site visitors.

Within the channel section of WellcomeMat click on the Channel Embedding link.

Here you have the option to choose what size you want your video channel to be when embedded on your site. If you are using the Banner View or Grid View versions of your channel we recommend that you embed at 100%. This ensures that your channel will be responsive.

Now, copy both the HTML and Javascript presented and implement it on your site. When done, please verify by testing two things. One, that the channel is taking up all available space without scrollbars. Two, that you can click from tab to tab, and see the height of the channel iframe changing dynamically, based on the number of video rows.

Make sure to tell WellcomeMat where you have embedded your channel on so we can forward traffic to the correct page on your website.




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