Video Distribution Guidelines

64% of the top real estate video marketers and thousands of production teams use WellcomeMat as their mission control center. In an effort to provide the greatest reach for each video, we allow our platform users to distribute their content to approved media and search sites who, in turn, integrate our users’ video. This mutually beneficial relationship allows media/search companies to tap into the largest source of high-quality video content, while providing large scale distribution to those investing in said content.

High-quality content garners more views, better reach, and greater acceptance within our distribution partners' websites and applications, but it also eliminates significant risk for them in accepting WellcomeMat's users' videos.

Please follow our guidelines as closely as possible as WellcomeMat has created them alongside our distribution partners. Only approved videos will be distributed per the following:

- Videos must be full motion. Slideshows or videos that are primarily text and photos will not be accepted by distribution outlets.
- Minimal branding should be included in your content.
- Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
- Video Quality: At least 720p
- File type: .mp4, .mov
- Supported video codecs: H.264
- Suggested Bitrate: 5Mbs – 10Mbs for 720p video, and 10Mbs – 20Mbs for 1080p
- Supported audio codecs: AAC
- Maximum size: 500MB
- Thumbnail Image: professional quality photo, in focus, 16:9 aspect ratio
- Licensing: correct music licenses required for all promotional/branded content
- Professional Quality: camera stabilizers utilized for non-static shots, all drone footage stabilized, video in focus, video correctly lit and exposed, edited for length and viewability
- If there is on-camera audio or voice over audio appropriate microphones are utilized and background noise is minimized. Audio should remain focused on the property or location at hand, not the professional representing said property or location.




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