What is dynamic height and how can I add it to my channel?

Dynamic height allows WellcomeMat to expand and contract the height of your channel to display more videos. This grants viewers greater control of their viewing experience and allows them navigate your channel with greater ease. Adding dynamic height allows your viewers to see more of your video thumbnails at one time when looking at your channel.

In order to set this up you need to navigate to Channel Theme within the Channel Section of your WellcomeMat account. At the bottom of this page you will see the option to change your Thumbnail display. Select the ‘All’ option and save your changes.

Note: If you are using the Grid View version of the channel dynamic height is automatic and required.

Next, return to the channel section of your account and click the Channel Embedding link. Here you will find the embed code for your channel.

Dynamic height requires adding Javascript to the existing HTML for your channel embed. You will need a developer's help in implementing the Javascript; so it is best to pass this along to your web team.




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