What is the WellcomeMat autofill feature when uploading or editing my videos?

For WellcomeMat Enterprise users life is easier when you match your listing videos within WellcomeMat's database. With this information, we automatically update listing details every day and we can better integrate/distribute your videos into your site and 3rd party destination sites.

Connecting the video to the information in the WellcomeMat database ensures that your video always has the most accurate data (price, bedrooms, description, etc.) and autofills a significant portion of the video details form to make your life easier. WellcomeMat obtains this information via a XML feed provided by your company during the integration process. Contact support@wellcomemat.com if you have not provided this feed to WellcomeMat.

To take advantage of this feature, users need to accurately enter the addresses for all of their Residential Real Estate videos so WellcomeMat can match your videos to the correct listing.

As you begin typing, WellcomeMat will auto-suggest possible addresses and Listing IDs. Simply select the appropriate address.

In addition to added exposure, connecting your video to its Address/Listing ID within the WellcomeMat system will make your life easier by autofilling some of the listing details of a property. Including: entering title, selecting video type as residential real estate, selecting full motion video, and entering the description, address, tags, listing ID, and external link URL. Additionally, any updates to the listing details of a property in your company's provided XML feed will be automatically reflected in WellcomeMat.

We suggest entering the address first before any additional information as this will minimize work.

You can also connect a video to a Listing ID/MLS Number (as show below). This will also auto-fill and auto-update the video details.

Make sure you verify all details before you hit save.

‚ÄčTo see all the additional referral views resulting from these changes, keep an eye on the Traffic Sources section of your analytics.




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