21 Results for Getting Started

Why is completing my profile important?

Can more than one person manage a WellcomeMat account?

How do I get price quotes from filmmakers?

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

How do I change my member type?

I can't log in! How do I reset my password?

The answer to my question isn't in your FAQ! Where else can I get help?

How do I change my profile picture?

How do you change the default video on your channel?

What is the Neighborhood?

How many videos can I upload to WellcomeMat?

Creating and managing client accounts

What is a video proof page and how can I use it?

How do I make a video Private? Can I add private videos to a playlist?

I'm having issues uploading to WellcomeMat!

I uploaded a thumbnail and it doesn't fit the frame of the video player.

What is the WellcomeMat autofill feature when uploading or editing my videos?

How do I integrate WellcomeMat's new grid view channel?

How can I download my videos from YouTube?

What are WellcomeMat Proof Pages?

Why can't I connect my account to Zoom?




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