How do I integrate WellcomeMat's new grid view channel?

Integrating WellcomeMat’s new grid view channel is easy. Just as you would customize your existing channel, log into WellcomeMat > select “Channel” from the main site navigation items. On the right sidebar, open “Channel Theme.”

grid view

Enterprise customers will see options at the top of the left column for Classic or grid view. Select grid view. You’ll see a preview appear to the right. If you have custom colors already selected for your brand, those options will be preserved, and you still have the ability to make any style updates you’d like. Don’t forget to click save!

grid view

Now that you’ve set up your channel, you’re going to need to grab code to pull it into your own website. You can find this by clicking “Channel” from the global site navigation > “Channel Embedding” on the right menu of the Channel menu.

You’ll need to decide on the width you’d like your channel to appear on your website. The grid view was built to be embedded at 100% width to be optimized for responsive web design, but you can use the dropdown to select other widths. WellcomeMat does suggest using 100% width if you can.

grid view

Next, highlight and copy the embed code in the box labeled “HTML.” Head over to sites administration system (or your web team), and paste the code into the body of the page on your site where you would like to render your searchable video channel.

Last Step! Back on our Embed Channel Page, highlight and copy the code in the “JavaScript” box. Head back over to the code on your website, and paste that code at the bottom of the body of your website.

If your new video channel does not look or work great, there are a couple of things for you or your development team to consider.

1 - The channel was built to be embedded as the heart of your website - edge to edge without distractions. If you have left and right margins or a sidebar, consider simplifying your site.

2 - If other parts of your website were not built with responsive design in mind, then your site still might not be optimized for phones and tablets. WellcomeMat took care of the complicated stuff for your videos, but you or your team might need to give your headers, footers, and other elements an update.

3 - Ensure you have Traffic generation set up to properly forward all your video traffic into your website.

If you hit any bumps along the way or have any questions, our customer service team has your back. Just email us at
Thank you and enjoy!

-- Team WellcomeMat




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