What are WellcomeMat Proof Pages?

In film there is a popular adage that a movie is written three times: with the script, during shooting, and in post-production. I do not mean that the script itself is re-written at each of these stages but that a film can change nearly completely at each of these pivotal points. So by the time a film has been edited it can be a completely different animal than what the scriptwriter intended. So that is why it is exceptionally important to maintain a consistent leadership and vision throughout any film project.

This is true for real estate video as well. The ideas you discussed with your filmmaker in pre-production and the footage you shot during your production days can be dramatically altered by the editing. And it can be especially difficult to maintain control of this portion of production when you aren’t looking over your filmmaker’s shoulder directing cuts and transitions. And while it is important to trust the skills and instinct of your filmmaker you still want to make sure that you are satisfied with the final product.

This is where WellcomeMat Proof pages come in. We designed this section of the platform as a way to easily review a video and communicate any necessary changes before the video is released to the public, whether between you and your filmmaker or you and any other decision makers in your office. Additionally, we built Proof Pages into the WellcomeMat process in a way that allows for seamless video integration.

Here are best-practice steps for utilizing Proof Pages:

1. Have your filmmaker upload the first cut video into your WellcomeMat account and fill out all relevant information is the upload form as if the video was complete. Make sure the filmmaker marks the video as a “Proof Video.”

2. Once the video is uploaded, an email will be sent to your account letting you know that there is a Proof Page available to review a recently uploaded video. Follow this link to watch the video.

3. Invite any relevant people, via email, to preview and comment on the video. These people do not need a WellcomeMat account to access the Proof Page.

4. Watch the video and leave time based comments, or comments referring to the video as a whole.

5. Your filmmaker or invited team members can reply to these comments with added notes or clarification.

6. Once your filmmaker has another cut of the video she can replace the video on the proof page using the link on the right hand menu and the review process can begin again.

7. Repeat 4-6 until everyone is happy with the final product.

8. Activate the video, via the large blue button on the right, and it will automatically go live and be added to any pertinent automatic playlists and your channel.




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